The NEW Hummingbird Memphis Street Outlaws JJ Da Boss MSO 2022 No Prep Drag Racing Small Tire!

Take a look at this, The NEW Hummingbird Memphis Street Outlaws JJ Da Boss MSO 2022 No Prep Drag Racing Small Tire!

The first time the world heard about JJ Da Boss, was when he challenged the 405 guys to come down to Memphis in order to show them that it is the MSO crew and not the 405 who has the fastest street racers in the country.

While he might have not succeeded in that quest, during the last race between him and Big Chief, he pulled the most incredible stunt that landed him at the top amongst the most popular street racers in the US.

Upon leaving the starting line, he pulled the biggest wheelie the streets of Memphis have seen, and he kept his foot on the floor longer than anybody on the streets, landing on the sidewalk and leaving the entire visiting 405 crew with their jaws on the floor.

After that race or a stung if you will, Big Chief told him that there is always a place and a race for him whenever he shows up at the 405 showing his respect for the street cred that JJ already had in Memphis.

Aside from Big Chief, it was soon obvious that Pilgrim Media producers, the people who record the popular Street Outlaws show, had liked this street racer from Memphis and started featuring him in other episodes.

As time passed, his popularity grew so much that they produced a spin-off show named Street Outlaws Memphis, which we have all watched and liked over the years.

This season, however, disaster stroke as he crashed into his wife’s car while racing during America’s list. The crash was so devastating that his wife had to spend some time in the hospital and could not race for a while.

Now, it appears that the car he crashed has been completely rebuilt and the Hummingbird is ready to fly again, so let us check out this popular car and see how dangerous it is going to be to the competition.

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