The Next Driver To Quit Street Outlaws!?

Take a look at this, The Next Driver To Quit Street Outlaws!?

We once again bring you Sim to tell you all about what is going on in the world of street racing and this time the first info that he decides to share is the fact that the event called War in the woods which was supposed to happen this weekend has been moved up for the next weekend.

There are plenty of fast cars in this event however Big Chief and Jackie will be amongst the most famous names that will be racing in the event and the weather report has been confirming that there will be too much rain this weekend to race in safety.

This is the reason that this event which is supposedly going to bring more than 100 cars to the starting line will be held next weekend and hopefully, they will be able to get them all a few runs each on the track.

The huge amount of cars might end up as a logistical nightmare because these guys will be trying to squeeze in the races that were planned for two days, into one and that means that there will be no room for error on the planning part.

Additionally, to this info, Sim wants to talk about a new trend that we have been seeing lately and that is the transformation from TV to YouTube that has been happening lately with the street racers as well as other personnel from the car industry.

One of the most important ones that have made this transformation is of course Big Chief who might not have done it on his own will and his own terms to be exact but nevertheless has managed to make it happen and has been pretty successful in this endeavor.

So check out Sim’s video and hear what else he has for you from the world of street racing. 

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