The Real Reason Why The 405 Are Not On TV!!!

Check this, The Real Reason Why The 405 Are Not On TV!!!

It might seem that this has been one of the most covered subjects of the past few months and if I remember correctly you are probably right.

There have been a few things that we talked about over and over again this past year and the fact that there was a show Fastest in America and the 405 was not in it, as well as the fact that we were expecting them to at least bring us a new season of 405 list racing, were pretty disappointing.

So why are they not recording the 405?

Apparently their fan base is one of the largest in the US and also everybody agrees that they are the most famous racing crew in the entire country, so why would The Discovery Channel pass up this opportunity?

Well as always let’s leave it to Sim to tell us all about it in his brand new video of Street Race Talk.


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