The Reveal of Jeff Lutz’s New Car – No Prep News Episode 16

The whole period between seasons we have tried and tried over and over again to bring you all the best
news that cover street racing as well as No Prep racing and may times we have announced stuff that
might be happening, cars that racers might have been building and even rumors that kept spreading
about some of them.

Today’s video has a few topics just like always however the most important one is as you are guessing,
about Jeff Lutz.

Once again the topic of his new car show pops up and there is some info that he will be joined by AZN
and Farmtruck and they will be building cars together, and we all know that this trio has had a pretty
good run on the shows so far and have been nothing but nice to each other.

So check out the video and see what Sim thinks is going on with this show.

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