Og Murder Nova vs Jeff Speer vs BoostGT/Big Baller!!

Check this, Og Murder Nova vs Jeff Speer vs BoostGT/Big Baller!!

Once more we bring you some action from the channel of the National No Prep Racing Association and unlike most other videos Natali is not here to announce it, and we know that some might miss her but we actually are pretty sure that many won’t.

While the tittle does feature the extremely famous OG Murder Nova the video is actually featuring an orange Fox Body Mustang that we would like you to take a look at.

It is owned by Jeff Speer from Arkansas and today he is stepping up to the big leagues and is about to race no other than the Murder Nova as well as Boosted GT.

Phantom is behind the wheel of the Murder Nova since we all know that he is trying to get as much time behind the wheel as he can to prove that he is ready for the No Prep Kings championship so play the video and see how it all goes.

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