Once again we have Sim from the popular YouTube Channel SimABCXYZ and today, like always, he has a lot to tell us about the Street Outlaws.

The first thing that he wants to discuss is of course the new format of the Fastest in America that we have to agree, did kind of catch us unprepared this time.

Amongst the many changes that Sim wants to discuss is of course the fact that a few of the rules that rumors have it were problematic last year, and caused Big Chief to walk off set, are being changed this year.

The first time we heard that now JJ Da Boss tell everybody that there will be a flashlight start, well we were all surprised.

As you may or may have not heard, the popular or some might even say the trademark arm drop that JJ Da Boss has been “pushing” onto other racers is now out of the picture and the first thing that comes to mind is that maybe, just maybe if these guys did this last year, we could have had Big Chief as a part of the Street Outlaws.

The rest of the rules that JJ Da Boss explained, were similar or the same to what we have been getting used to thru all these years, and that is that a tire crack before the light is on is a jump, chase is not a race, instead first is worst, meaning if both drivers jump the start, it is the driver that did it first who gets the loss.

Also, the rule of finishing in whichever lane as long as you are ahead is also deemed unsafe and is also changed to whoever crosses first, looses the race, which we think will also bring safety to a higher level.

So why don’t you play Sim’s video and hear what else has been changed in this competition.




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