Orange County Choppers headquarters sold for $2.3 million!!

Take a look at this, Orange County Choppers headquarters sold for $2.3 million!!

Orange County Choppers (OCC) was a legendary American custom motorcycle builder that was founded by Paul Tuttle Senior and his son Paul Jr. in 1999. The company quickly became famous due to its innovative and unique chopper-style motorcycles. Their rise to fame was also helped by the reality television show, American Chopper, which premiered in 2003.

For a time, the Tuttle family lived the American dream, as their motorcycle customization business became a huge success. They received commissions from regular folks, as well as high-profile celebrities, who wanted to ride their one-of-a-kind motorcycles. However, the company’s success didn’t last, and they eventually had to liquidate their assets.

One of the assets that was sold was the Orange County Choppers headquarters, which was originally valued at $13 million. However, it was sold for just $2.3 million, which is a fraction of its original cost. This was a significant loss for the company, but it was not the end of their legacy.

The fascination with chopper-style motorcycles had waned in the 1970s but was resurrected when Jesse James and his West Coast Choppers crew came onto the scene. The Tuttle family gave credit to Jesse’s contribution for the renewed popularity of the chopper-style motorcycle. They drew inspiration from this and, coupled with their hard work, skill, and relentless drive, they built a successful customization company.

Paul Tuttle Senior was a self-confessed late bloomer when it came to riding motorcycles. He only developed an interest in building them after watching the movie Easy Rider in 1969. However, he didn’t pursue this passion immediately as he needed to make a living. Eventually, he started providing welding services from his truck, which later became PNF Ironworks with his partner, Fred Gerini. Unfortunately, an accident burned the business down, and they parted ways.

Paul Senior never gave up on the welding business, and it eventually became Paul’s welding in 1986, which he later turned into Orange County Ironworks (OCI). He involved his children in the business, and it became successful. When OCI became a stable source of income for the Tuttle family, Paul Senior left most of running the business to his offspring.

After separating from his wife in 1995, Paul Senior wanted to reinvent himself. He began working on motorcycles in his basement, which eventually led to the founding of Orange County Choppers. Paul Senior was a risk-taker, and he invested all his savings into building more bikes and establishing the company. This was a huge risk, as if OCC didn’t work out, he would have ruined not only his business but also his future, as the money he invested was supposed to be for his retirement.

Despite having great designs and quality, the success of OCC wasn’t guaranteed. Paulie acknowledged that if they hadn’t joined the world of reality TV, the business could have ended in disaster. However, the executive producer of the show had a gut feeling that the Tuttle family would make great stars for the show, and he was right. American Chopper became a hit, and OCC became a household name.

In conclusion, the history of Orange County Choppers is a testament to the American entrepreneurial spirit. The Tuttle family worked hard, took risks, and pursued their passion to build a successful motorcycle customization company. Although they faced challenges and setbacks along the way, their legacy lives on, and their impact on the chopper-style motorcycle world will never be forgotten.

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