The Smallest LS Swap Ever + MASSIVE Blower!!!

Check this, The Smallest LS Swap Ever + MASSIVE Blower!!!

When this thing left the factory floor, the years was 1977 and its name was Austin Mini and the engine that was tasked with driving it about, was a 1 liter 40 horsepower unit, which is a bit different than the one that it is residing (mostly) in the front of the vehicle at the moment.

We say mostly because the humongous blower that has been strapped to that LS engine is totally outside the engine bay due to its size, and it tells everybody that this is one of the craziest swaps that they are about to see.

The car was purposely built as an Australian burnout car and it is clear that something that has such a huge engine and literally no weight over the back wheels will be able to spin the tires for ages, or more precisely until they are nothing more than a melted rubber strip over the wheels.

Check out this amazing achievement and get ready for some smoke.

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