This Coyote Powered Fairlane is a Twin Turbo BEAST!!!

Take a look at This Coyote Powered Fairlane, is a Twin Turbo BEAST!!!

Wait till you see this one folks, this is a car that has been two years in the making and now it is here to show what it can do, aside from sitting there looking pretty, at the Bristol Street Car Takeover event.

Whenever you first lay your eyes on that 1967 Fairlane the first thing that pops in your mind is, show car, but upon second inspection you snoop out that there are two “snails” hiding behind the front fascia and realize that this twin turbo car, is much more than just a poser, this thing is actually a race car, and it was built to race.

This 3,800-pound vehicle is sitting on radials and it came to play with the big boys and the best way to do this is by taking it all the way to the finals, so check it out and see how far it can climb up the ladder in this brutal competition.

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