The Sudden End to The 405 Street Outlaws!!!

Check this, The Sudden End to The 405 Street Outlaws!!!

Once again we have Sim with the best news regarding Street Racing that is out there.

He brings us a video showing that Boosted is out there testing relentlessly in order to make sure that he will not be just a chip in the bucket, like last year.

If you remember, all thru the season Boosted never raced almost anyone and all he did was give Kyla Morton a pass pushing her into the second round and also giving her a great data from her test hit.

It appears that all the effort that he does this year is in order to prevent this from happening again.

After this, Sim continues with the bad news of this episode and it appears that once again the Covid-19 has veered its ugly head, and there is somebody in the 405 infected.

Who this is and what does that mean for the 405, we’ll let Sim fill you in so check out the video.



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