The Worst Things You Can Do to a Brand New Car!

For many people, the car is their most valuable possession. Yes, it might sound a bit materialistic for those who are not into the auto world, but let’s face it; you were saving up money, spent months researching various options when making the buying decision – all that to buy yourself the car of your dreams. Therefore, it’s no wonder why your car is on the top of the list for valuable possessions.

Now, if you were thinking that choosing what model to buy is the complicated part, oh you are so wrong! The tricky part is making your car last forever. Not longer, but forever. We are all aware of the fact that not everyone will have the luck of Irv Gordon, the man who reached 3 million miles in his 1966 Volvo 1800S, but is there something you can do in the first few days to boost the durability of your new car?

Advertisers makes us believe that keeping your car on the road is as easy as pie, when in fact, that’s the toughest part. Pouring a bottle of magic liquid in the crankcase or sprinkling miracle dust on the paint are all fine for advertisements, but they won’t do much good for your car.

The most important thing when it comes to keeping your car as good as new is to take it easy. Be patient in the first 500 miles if you want to be happy with your cars condition in the years to come. Don’t bounce your car engine off the rev limiter, and stay away from full-throttle blasting. We sound like Captain Obvious here – every manual recommends low-stress and light-load break-in – but we must put a great emphasis on the ‘take it easy’ advice because some folks recommend the opposite of going easy. What they recommend is hot rodding and driving your new car aggressively for the first thousand miles.

Most companies advise their buyers to be patient with their cars. The makers of the Corvette and the Nissan GT-R recommend light-load break-in in the beginning. By the way, Corvette and Nissan have a reputation for producing top-notch maximum performance cars for many years now.

Needless to say, all rules have exceptions, including this one about ‘take it easy with your new vehicle’ . For example, the engine of the new Acura NSX has already been broken in at the factory, which means the owners of this car can go directly to the track. But if your cars engine hasn’t been broken in by the factory technicians, then you should take it easy in the beginning.

There are many things you shouldn’t do to your baby because you’ll end up damaging it and spending more money, so here are the top X.

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