THEY’RE STILL OUT THERE!!! Old Warehouse Discovered Hiding A 1970 LS6 Chevelle Over 45 Years

We feel that we first need to start with the bad news, because we don’t want you getting your hopes up
about owning this vehicle, so here it goes, this car is not for sale, and we felt like we needed to put this
out there so you can enjoy the rest of the article, and the video.

Patrick Nichols has been hunting this car down for more than a year and he has finally managed to find
it, so we have to forgive him if he is to excited, because it is not every day (yes even for him) that you
find as he calls it “King of the Muscle Cars Barn Find LS6 Chevelle” which left the Flint Michigan assembly
line back in 1970, only to be parked about four or five years later.

Why do you park a muscle car only five years after purchasing, well to be honest we are not quite sure,
maybe due to the fuel prices skyrocketing in the 70’s?

What do you think?

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