Brittany Force makes the quickest Top Fuel pass in NHRA history

It was February 2018 when Tony Schumacher entered the history books and recorded the fastest Top
Fuel pass in the NHRA sessions and he managed to stay in that position holding the record for nearly
year and a half, which in terms of racing is ages.

The reason for this being a long time is the fact that race cars are meant to push the limit at all times,
and having the same result for more than a year means that he must have done something special to
achieve it.

Many have tried to push their car faster than this record and finally somebody had managed to push
past it, and it was Brittany Force who made it happen, with a time of 3.623 @331.61mph, a feat that
apparently is not to be taken lightly.

So sit back and watch as history unfolds and the yard stick is pushed further and further away, in the
video bellow.

Maybe you'll be interested ...

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