The Struggles of a Traveling Street Racer

It is never easy to travel far away for a few races and this video takes us thru the whole hardship of
doing things this way.

It all starts as these guys are replacing some turbos and although it is all sped up, you can see the whole
deal and all the trouble that they have to go thru just to even get the car ready, and load it up on a
trailer to head to the races.

Once there, they face new hardship as they try to find out where the races are going to be held, and see
how the surface is at the location.

During this, the motor gets hurt and now they have to see what is wrong with it, but luckily they get
some local help and they lend them their shop to check it out.

However, it is bad news because they cannot fix it here, so they have to go back home with no races
under their belt, just a broken motor.

Maybe you'll be interested ...

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