The FIRST 5 second pass in Drag Week history! | Drag Week Day 5

To even compete in the Hot Rod Drag Week is something special itself and we have the outmost respect
for these guys because just to cover all that ground between races and show up at the starting line is a
truly remarkable thing to do, but these guys go beyond and set some incredible times, and that makes
them special.

This video shows the passion and hardship that these guys go thru during Drag Week, and there are
many incredible teams out there, like the guys that came from Sweden and upon completion decided
not to just make it down the track, but instead destroy the car in order to put down one last run.

Or the 100-year-old car that made it all the way despite being more than a century old and needs
constant repairs, or the guy that was shooting for a 5 second pass, and finally got to do it, these are the
things that you just have to see, so sit back and play the video.

Maybe you'll be interested ...

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