Brazilian FLAME THROWING 2200hp Chevy’s SHOCK All!

Check this, Brazilian FLAME THROWING 2200hp Chevy’s SHOCK All!

There is no doubt that America is the most famous drag racing country in the whole world but the fact of the matter is that many other countries are following close behind so today we are taking you on a trip to the south, in Brazil where there are some incredible purpose built drag racing monsters.

Unfortunately, these machines do not come with a V-8, instead they are equipped with a inline six which comes from the 1970’s and produced a measly 169 horsepower but these days, the same engine (they have to be the same block and head in order to compete) is capable of around 2200-2400 horsepower thanks to a 99mm turbocharger.

All that power then goes towards a 4 speed gearbox which is in the classical H pattern and is produced by G-Force, that only needs the clutch for the launch, the rest is done by brute force and dog box engaging gears.

Check out the video and see this monster spitting fire rings out of the exhaust and see it in action.

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