This 1,000 Plus Cubic Inch Engine is Sick!

Check This 1,000 Plus Cubic Inch Engine is Sick!

If you remember a few years back Doc had a 959 cu engine put in the car, but after going thru many troubles with it, and just could not get it to run properly but once he got everything figured out this monstrosity was surely moving the Street Beast, and now there’s talk of a 1000cu engine in these cars.

Maybe we get to see something like this in the No Prep Kings championship next year and that would surely be something crazy just for the size itself, and of course the power that it will be able to make but at the same time, now that would be hard to get it to hook, and we all know, spinning ain’t winning.

To hear more about the back wing on these cars, about Kamikaze’s engine and many other things, you just have to play the video and find out what’s new in the world of Street Racing.


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