This Definitely Isn’t Your Normal Rusty Farm Truck!!

Wow, This Definitely Isn’t Your Normal Rusty Farm Truck!!

Truck wars 3 has been one of the greatest events we have seen in a while and there have been a huge number of trucks that caught our eye so we continue to show them to you in the best light that we can in order for you to find out which are the baddest trucks out there.

As many of them are, the truck that we are showing you today is a real full blown sleeper with rust in the right places and brand new shining parts under the hood.

The big block powered incredibly fast Ford was one of the stars that caught the eye of the entire audience and had many cheering for him.

There were many fast Fords out that night but this one really is something special and it truly gets out of the hole ‘like a bat out of hell’ but it needs a bit more work to keep tracking straight at high speeds, so play the video and see what we are on about.

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