Throwback $75k Street Outlaw Texas No Prep Invitational!!!

Take a look at this Throwback at $75k Street Outlaw Texas No Prep Invitational!!!

It’s nice to go back from time to time and check out how things used to be, and this is why we take you back in time, about three years ago when the 75K Street Outlaw Texas No Prep Invitational was held.


We are pretty sure that you will recognize most of the players because not too many new kids have been entering the game lately, and many of the racers that we are watching now, were racing back then.

The biggest difference it appears is the introduction to the twin turbo setup, because there only a few guys back then that were using this kind of propulsion, also it appears that there are a lot of Pro Mods, something that is now well distinguished and separated from the other “kids” because these days it’s all about street cars.

So check out how No Prep was getting down back then and enjoy some very fast cars in the hands of some very capable racers.

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