Thunderous Sound of an 426 HEMI Cuda!!

Take a look and turn up your volume for this Thunderous Sound of an 426 HEMI Cuda!!

Some may know that Finland is the country where people drink more coffee than any other country in the world, or that the second longest tunnel in the world is located in this country, while others might be familiar with the fact that Finland is considered to have the best education system.

However, for a rare breed of car lovers, like yourself, Finland is one of the countries that has one of the biggest following for American Muscle cars, and they, like many of the other Scandinavian countries drive the baddest Muscle cars in the old continent.

That means that stumbling on this kind of a 426 HEMI Cuda, which creates thunder like their God Thor, in a small town like should be something regular.

Regular for them or not, we just had to let you hear this monster as it rumbles down the cobblestone alongside other muscle cars, so play the video, turn up the speakers, and enjoy.

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