Two Great Semi Finals at Great 8 No Prep Kings Alabama International Dragway!!

Take a look at this, Two Great Semi Finals Great 8 No Prep Kings Alabama International Dragway!!

There are quite a few combos at the moment when it comes to the No Prep Kings Championship crown
and many of them are relying on Ryan Martin not scoring any points.

While it might be unfortunate for these guys as they keep counting the options, it seems that Ryan
Martin is far from giving up on the third consecutive title in the Championship so we catch up with him
as he is entering the Great 8 Semi-Final races.

The first one is between him and one of the fastest competitors from the NOLA team, Lizzy Musi.
While most of their team was participating in many of the finals of the invitational as well as the Great 8
races, somehow she has managed to end up defending the NOLA team from the best that the 405 has to
offer in the form of a gray Fireball Camaro.

In the elimination round that proceeded this race, Ryan Martin was the only one that managed to grab a
win from the right lane, while Lizzy Musi, Justin Swanstrom, and Jeff Lutz all managed to get the win
light in the left lane.

This might mean that Ryan will be able to put down even more power since this time he is occupying the
left lane, and thus have somewhat of an advantage against Lizzy Musi, however, at the same time, this
puts Jeff Lutz, the other 405 team member at a disadvantage against Justin “Lil Country” Swanstrom.

If Ryan Martin manages to get to the finish line faster than all of these guys, this would be his eighth win
in the Great 8 events, and another step towards claiming the title so the Musi team better make sure
that he does not get to the semi-finals.

So as always let us check out these races and see who gets to race in the Final of the Great 8 at Alabama
International Dragway.

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