Brandon James Catches Fire and Still Races No Prep Kings!

Take a look at this, Brandon James Catches Fire and Still Races No Prep Kings!

Brandon James is the driver that came in at the biggest Cash Days that The Street Outlaws have ever organized as a guy that nobody knew, and at the end, he drove off with everybody’s money in his pocket.

While we are not sure if he managed to win on the first cash days ever that he entered, we all remember that when he first started racing in the competition, nobody was paying him any attention, however, all that changed as the finals started rolling in.

While many have pointed out that he raced each one of his races in the right lane, the lane that many thought is much better than the left one, facts are that he managed to surprise the entire street racing scene and take the money home to California.

After this success, we were more than sure that we will be seeing much more of him on the Street

Outlaws show, especially in the No Prep Kings Championship which he has been fighting to win in these past years.

While due to the points standings with two races left he will not be winning the NPK crown this year, we have to remind everybody that he has managed to score a win against Ryan Martin this season and that is saying a lot about how much his program has advanced.

This time, unfortunately, we are bringing you a video that shows his car catching fire near the finish line while racing Boddie Junior who we have to recognize for his quick reactions upon seeing the fire.

With no hesitation, Boddie Junior jumped out of his car and ran straight to Brandon’s Nova to try and help as much as he can, recognizing the risks that come with a fire for any race car full of flammable liquids.

So check out this amazing video and see how these racers are watching out for one another even when they are fighting for every point in the championship.

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