Axman’s Car on Fire at No Prep Kings Rockingham & Catastrophic NPK Event!

Take a look at this, Axman’s Car on Fire at No Prep Kings Rockingham & Catastrophic NPK Event!

As soon as he appeared on the Street Outlaws show, Larry Axman Roach has been one of the most feared drivers that many would like to avoid on their way to the finals in every race.

He has been a lumberjack all of his life, and this is where the Axman comes in, however, after the

Memphis crew kinda adopted him into their team, they have been pointing out that he uses that axe to “chop off their head”.

While he spent most of his life racing small tires, the Street Outlaws and their No Prep Kings championship are the ones that pulled him into the big tire world, and so far he has been doing quite well in it.

Unfortunately, the latest event that was held in Rockingham proved to be a very bad one not just for Mike Bowman, Robin Roberts, and Larry Larson.

As you may or may not know, Mike Bowman had a crash that lead to his car catching fire and was thankfully saved by the speed of the track first responders. Robin Roberts had a terrible crash that sent him to the hospital with a few broken ribs, and Larry Larson’s car also caught fire at this event that many will be trying to forget as soon as they can.

Larry was a part of the group that will be trying to forget the Rockingham event as soon as he can and mainly because of the fire. It was an engine failure that caused the fire from the information that we were able to gather, however as you are about to see in the photos, his car had some extended damage to it.

So to find out more about Larry Axman Roach’s fire at the Rockingham No Prep Kings event, check out the video and see the extent of the damage that he has to fix.

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