What Really Happened to Daddy Dave From Street Outlaws

Check What Really Happened to Daddy Dave From Street Outlaws.

While his name might be Dave Comstock, for the past few years the whole world has called him Daddy Dave, and with the huge popularity of the Street Outlaws show that keeps growing each year, believe us when we tell you that we are not over exaggerating the “whole world” part.

He first appeared in the show behind the wheel of Jackie’s Sonoma and for quite a while he was the man to beat everywhere that he showed up.

He stayed in the top position of the Street Outlaws Oklahoma list while everybody was gunning for his crown and the top spot.

He was tired of people telling him that he is only the driver of somebody else’s car and it is Jackie that spends all that money that keep him at the top.

Interestingly enough, while he was at the top, Big Chief stopped by in his garage and instead of seeing him work on the famous Sonoma, he found him putting in the work on his own car.

This stayed a secret for a while and he spent his evenings building the famous Goliath.

Not too long after we saw him working on his own car, the one that we all know now as The Goliath, in the middle of the first driver meeting for the season, he got angry at Jackie for telling him once again that they own the car and he is just the driver, so he dropped the Sonoma from the top of the list right there and then.

This meant that Jackie will have to find somebody else to drive the Sonoma and try to get it at the top of the 405 list, just like Dave had done the previous year.

Since he was unable to find a driver Jackie started driving it himself, however, he was never able to get it all the way up the list, and this was even with Ryan Martin tuning it before Ryan even got on the list with the Fireball Camaro.

So let’s check out the video and find out much more about Daddy Dave Comstock.

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