Robin Roberts Crashes vs Justin Swanstrom Invitational Round Two in Rockingham Dragway!!!

Take a look at this, Robin Roberts Crashes vs Justin Swanstrom Invitational Round two in Rockingham Dragway!!!

After some awesome moments for Jeff Lutz beating Kye Kelley in invitational finals, and wining some no prep after long long time, for some of the racers this weekend was horrible!

Yesterday we wrote about Mike Bowman insane crash hitting the wall.  The front of the car is where the fuel cell is located, and spilling highly flammable liquid on a hot exhaust is a very fast way to start a fire so within seconds he was out of the car staring at the flaming race car.

Today we have Robin Roberts who crashes into the wall during racing vs Justin in Invitation Round Two.

Two of them launching hard and after few meters Robin’s car start to act weird and takes sudden right and after that hard left and hits the wall on his side.

To not stall you too much, check the video and see what we are talking about…

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