Here is Why UPS Trucks Don’t Make Left Turns!

Here is Why UPS Trucks Don’t Make Left Turns!

If you by any chance think of implementing something like this, let us tell you at the very beginning of the article, don’t!

First of all, nobody has been able to confirm if this is a real strict rule and that it is impossible to see a UPS truck make a left-hand turn, or is it just a mere suggestion and nobody is forced to adhere to this.

Besides, even if it is true and their drivers are only allowed to make right hand turns we are still talking about a business model which has vehicles traveling to specific grid squares constantly, and it is much harder to implement if you are trying to use a personal vehicle for routes that are constantly changing.

According to the video, they are telling us that UPS has been able to save millions of gallons of fuel by simply taking a left all the time, and thus save huge amounts of money and gas, but does everybody believe the numbers and “facts” in the video?
Well watch the video and tell us what do you think, could you really save that much by simply going right all the time?

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