VW Overtakes Toyota As Worlds Top Car Company

VW this year managed to achieve great success by taking the leader’s position in global sales, with record deliveries. This is a significant success for this manufacturer, considering the fact that its predecessor Toyota held this position for 4 years.

Despite the increased number of deliveries in the  manufacturer, by 0.2% or to be exact 10.2 million vehicles in 2016, however, Volkswagen has managed to surpass the numbers and noted higher growth of 3.8% or to be more precise with 10.3 million sold vehicles has set a new record and has succeed to take the leading position worldwide.

The reason for this change of positions is it seen in the fact that Volkswagen in 2016 managed to exploit the lag in sales of Japanese vehicles on the American market, in a manner that has increased its level of sales on the Chinese market. Their decision to cut taxes has contributed for an increased demand of their vehicles on that market, and it seems this step has brought them to the top.

Looking back, Toyota its first lead has gained in 2008, achieving historic success given the fact that its predecessor General Motors has held the top for record 77 years. What descended them from the throne in 2011 were the natural disasters which have made enormous damage at the territories of Japan and Thailand. But with great desire and constant work they have managed to return the lead a few years later in 2012, and they have remained this first place until 2015.

Under the leadership of their CEO Martin Winterkorn, the German manufacturer Volkswagen has performed significant changes in the expansion of their various models as well as by investing in the new modern production facilities, achieving the desired increased production of its brands Volkswagen, Skoda, Audi, SEAT and Volkswagen.

So we can say a big bravo for Volkswagen as for their persistence and for their good decisions as well, and if we are allowed to say we expect even more good vehicles, with even better performances in an even “better” price.

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