Useful Tips How To Protect Your Vehicle During Winter

Today we present you some very useful tips how to protect your vehicle during winter period of the year!

In order to prolong the life of your vehicle, what you should do is to regularly maintain his hygiene. And by regularly we mean in all season even in the winter when that it is not so simple to do.

After some unwritten rule all of the drivers are giving up of this idea in the winter due to the fact that temperatures go down below zero, all freezes, the snow and the rain are falling often, so probably the first thought of every driver it would be – Which is the aim of cleaning the vehicle when in the next few minutes it will be unclean again?

During the winter, the car is often crammed with much greater amounts of impurities, and what it is considered to have the worst effect of all those “winter dirt” it is the industrial salt which is poured into the streets during the snowy days. Corrosion or decomposition of the parts of the vehicle is just one of the effects that will be caused to your vehicle if this industrial salt stays glued to the most import parts of the body.

Our recommendation would be to wash your vehicle once a week during the winter, but if that represents a major cost or responsibility for you or if you think it would be hard to realize, at least extract time and money laundering once in two weeks.

What will be most needed and which it is considered to be the easiest way for you to clean the salt of the vehicle it is the warm water. Certainly washing the vehicle is not an activity that you can’t do it alone, but given the fact that in the this process is difficult because of the various impurities, our advise for you is to do that in the nearest laundry to make sure that your vehicle it will be detailed cleared of everything preserved it, especially at the wheel part.

Adhering mud will affect the security, because the wheels can slip after passing through the water, and the mud also means difficult braking.

To keep clean the rubber floor mats you can above them papers that would leak the moisture and will keep the dirt from your shoes. And as far as the protection of the paint and the varnish from all the external influences it is advisable for you to apply a little wax which would refuse any dirt.

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