What’s with Big Chief and Precious’ feud in Street Outlaws?

Do you know, What’s with Big Chief and Precious’ feud in Street Outlaws?

The world of street racing has always been an exciting and intense one, and the popular TV show “Street Outlaws” only amplifies these feelings for fans. The show follows the lives of street racers from different cities and their passion for speed, commitment, and competitiveness. With these qualities, it’s not uncommon for personal feelings and conflicts to arise, especially when money and fame are involved.

One of the most talked-about feuds in the world of “Street Outlaws” is the alleged conflict between Big Chief and Precious Cooper. The details of the feud are unclear, and there have been many rumors and speculations online about what caused the tension between these two street racing legends. According to some reports, there was a confrontation between the two during the early stages of filming America’s List Season 2 in early 2022. The disagreement reportedly led to an argument and eventually, Big Chief’s girlfriend, Jackie Braash, became involved. However, the exact cause of the argument remains unknown.

In March 2022, Big Chief addressed the rumors surrounding his exit from America’s List in a YouTube video. He confirmed that the real reason he left the show was due to disagreements with changes made to the format, specifically the preseason process and the ratio of drivers from different cities. Big Chief also denied the claims that he left the show due to lack of money or not winning a race.

In addition to leaving America’s List, Big Chief also stepped away from the “Street Outlaws” franchise altogether. This meant that the position of race master was left vacant, which was ultimately filled by Sean “Murder Nova” Ellington. Despite Sean’s history with the show and being highly respected and admired, speculation arose about the current state of his relationship with Big Chief. The two were good friends but have drifted apart in recent years, and while there may not be an official feud between them, it’s clear that they have taken separate paths in life.

Growing up in Oklahoma, Big Chief, born Justin Shearer, has had a deep passion for racing since he was a young child. He grew up near Route 66 and would ride his bike there to watch races and accompany his parents. Despite growing up with limited financial resources, his passion for racing never waned, and he has dedicated his life to it.

In conclusion, while the feud between Big Chief and Precious Cooper remains a mystery, what’s clear is that the world of street racing is filled with intense competition and passion. Whether it’s behind the wheel or supporting their teammates, street racers are always committed to giving their 100%. And while drama and feuds are a rare occurrence, they do happen, and when they do, they can have serious consequences that can negatively affect the careers of those involved. Regardless of what happens, the love and passion for racing will always be the driving force behind these street outlaws.

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