Wicked 1960 Twin Turbo C10 Stands on the Bumper!

Take a look at this Wicked 1960 Twin Turbo C10 Stands on the Bumper!

Many cars over the years have been known to pull amazing wheelies however this time we think that this is one of the coolest ones, because a 1960 twin turbo C10 is cool just by itself, but when you add the fact that this beast is able to stand on its back bumper, well that makes it the coolest of the bunch.


This thing not only launches with the front end in the air, but it has so much grip and power that it is able to ride nearly half way down the track in a perfect balancing act with the front wheels in the air while picking up speed.

Filmed at the street car takeover event this thing had the entire crowd on their feet admiring the ability to just stay on its bumper along the track.


According to the owner even though this is a new engine and they have never put it on the dyno so far, the engine makes about 1,500 horsepower, and that is with the “mild” tune up that they are running, suggesting that those two turbines are able to spin a bit faster and produce a bit more boost, getting the front tires further up in the air and possible going down that track even faster.

In the meantime, check out this amazing ride that left the factory floor almost 6 decades ago with literally no racing heritage at all.

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