Wild Rides Nostalgia Drag Racing Crashes Compilation!!!

Check this, Wild Rides Nostalgia Drag Racing Crashes Compilation!!!

Racing is one of the most expensive sports to compete in and some even say that if you get your kids hooked on racing, they will never have enough cash to buy drugs.

Today’s video is one of the worst reminders of this fact because as expensive as racing is to begin with, the whole deal of purchasing a vehicle intended for racing and constantly investing in it, the worst happens when the vehicle gets crashed, damaged, and even destroyed.

No matter how much we hate it, motorsport is dangerous and crashing is a constant and unfortunate event that accompanies all forms of racing.

The simple reason for this is the fact that these vehicles are being utilized not only at one hundred percent of their abilities, instead these machines get pushed over this limit at constant bases. This puts the driver basically in a situation when he needs to bring down the get back in control of the vehicle and save it for the next race.

Thing is, these guys are not here to drive their cars slow, instead they are here to push the limits constantly and step over that threshold time and time again and bring the vehicle back in line.

With all that said, it is nearly inevitable for these ugly crashes not to happen but like we said, they are a part of this brutal and fast sport so today’s video brings us a compilation of crashes.

As it usually is with these videos, all the drivers walked away from the crashes and will be racing some other day so the only terrible thing that happened here is that their race cars decided that they need to spend a bunch of cash in order to learn a lesson.

So check out these videos and see some crazy crashes and wild rides.

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