Wildest Rides of Drag Racing in 2021(so far..)!!!

Check this, Wildest Rides of Drag Racing in 2021(so far..)!!!

The year might be far from over however it seems that somebody is getting anxious to bring us the craziest rides so far.

We all know that last year was not really a good year for racing due to the pandemic, come to think of it, it was not good for any sport, so this is why everybody wanted to start this year with a bang as soon as the racetrack was open.

Well, this video is full of those. While an explosion from the front of the car may not have been the bang that they were looking for, it was the bang that they had to live with and work with.

This compilation has as many backfires, wheel stands, and incredible saves as you might want, and even a few of those failed saves that nobody wants to see, but they happen nevertheless.

No matter how much it hurts us to see all those gorgeous cars slam into the wall, we are well aware that it is an inevitable part of racing that we can all go without but stuff like this still happens.

To be honest we were also amazed by the number of cars that got in trouble (or their drivers to be exact) due to pulling massive wheelies which tend to damage the entire front end on the way down, as they meet the track once again.

One of them went as far as taking off from the right lane with all four wheels off the ground and landed in the lane next to him, which was thankfully unoccupied by another vehicle.

Additionally, thanks to some great editing, we did not end up with a fifteen-minute video that shows the burnouts for about ten minutes. Instead, we have an action-packed video that you do not want to miss, enjoy.

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