Closer Look on Doc Stunt Double Nitrous Firebird & Jeff Lutz Turbo GTO!!!

Take a look at this,  Closer Look on Doc Stunt Double Nitrous Firebird & Jeff Lutz Turbo GTO!!!

In this video we have Doc in his new Nitrous Firebird aka Stunt Double. The Stunt Double is a Nitrous assisted Firebird that replaced the famous Street Beast Monte Carlo. The Monte Carlo better known as the street beast was crashed during a race in the show, Street Outlaws.

This Firebird hide 959 Ci beast under the hood, and is much lighter than the previous Doc’s car Street Beast. This bad Firebird is 200 pounds lighter than the previous OG Street Beast.

The color is the same as Street Beast beautiful Blue, and we think that this way more beautiful color than the previous Doc’s car.

We also included Jeff Lutz in the turbo GTOwhich replaced his 57 Chevy. Jeff crashed the 57 on the show as well so the GTO replaced it for the new season of No Prep Kings. 

During the filming of the newest Street Outlaws Oklahoma season, Jeff Lutz has lost control of the 57 and ended up wrecking it.

Well Jeff Lutz has managed to find a way to get his car lighter even than the procharger car and keep both of his snails under the hood.

This means that his car can undergo a weight loss program, providing it with some advantage over the procharger cars and still be able to keep accelerating hard like any other twin turbo car, near the big end.

Additionally, his new car which is a GTO has a totally different shape than his ’57 Chevy which let’s face it, was shaped like a brick, and has the potential of much higher top speeds than the old car.

So check out the video and let’s see if Jeff  and Doc has done their homework! Feel free to tell us what you think…

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