Why Big Chief Is Not Racing In No Prep Kings!?

Check this, Why Big Chief Is Not Racing In No Prep Kings!?

Usually on Mondays, we are all over the place trying to bring you the best of what was happening on the weekend at the track during the event for the No Prep Kings Championship.

Unfortunately, the race that was supposed to be held this weekend got postponed to August due to the fact that the forecast predicted heavy rain during the entire weekend, and as we all know, even some minor showers like the ones on the last event, can wash away everything sticky off the track and drivers will end up just not being able to put any power down.

When it comes to drag racing, it is not just the speed and putting the power down, deciding to cancel an event has many factor counted in like the audience turnout, and of course the most important one, safety.

You see, while many different racing events are held in the rain, the reality of drag racing is that racing in the wet is not really a viable option for many reasons, and as we all know, safety is the number one priority for any drag racing event organizer.

As planned, the event will be held at a later date and hopefully the weather will cooperate with the racers and the organizers and we will be able to see this planned round of the No Prep Kings Championship.

In the meantime, we can check out Sim’s video and see what is new in the sport, as he covers many different topics of street racing, and the main one being the fact that Big Chief will not race in this No Prep Kings Championship due to changes in the rules for the events.

We will give you a hint, that it is wing related, however it is not the wing that you thought of, so check it out.

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