Lizzy Musi Debuts Her New No Prep Kings Camaro!!!

Check this, Lizzy Musi Debuts Her New No Prep Kings Camaro!!!

If you followed the No Prep Kings Championship last season, then we are pretty sure that you know that one of the biggest competitor for the title apart from Ryan Martin was also Lizzy Musi.

She and the Aftershock showed everybody that when it comes to the track the vast experience of Pat Musi is a force to be reckoned with and that they will need to push a lot harder at the track, unlike the street to get the best of Lizzy.

During the America’s List however, it was obvious that she was getting frustrated by the car and these guys just could not get the Aftershock to perform to the best of its abilities. This meant that they will have to settle for the bottom of the list which represents the fastest guys in America.

To be honest, most of the guys on the list probably thought that they deserve and belong on very top of the list, however there can be only one and the rest of the 19 racers, will have to settle for the spot that they held at the moment the season ended.

To make sure these guys get back on their feet and have a better chance of winning the No Prep Kings Championship, the Musi team decided to build a brand new car for the upcoming season of NPK, and for the first time, we get to see it in action.

At the moment when the video is filmed it is apparent that the car is in the so called shakedown period, the period when after building a car, you have to go put down run after run in order to get the right setup which will provide the best performance, as well as the period which lets stuff break down before the important races.

So check out the video and see the brand new Camaro which Lizzy Musi will be piloting in the future.

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