Check this, SKETCHY NO PREP on an ABANDONED DRAG STRIP equals a BADA$$ time!!

Let us take you to the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in Virginia, where one of the craziest drag races has been held recently.

Back in the day, this was one great place to race, however, after nearly half a century of neglect it is obvious that this track needs a lot of work before it can start welcoming the best of the racers out there.

Lucky for us, the locals decided that even in this terrible state, this track will be able to provide them, and us, some real entertainment.

This is why all of them grabbed any construction equipment that was lying around in the yard and decided to breathe in some brand new life into this place.

The result may not be the most spectacular brand new raceway in the United States but we are sure that it will do the trick and provide these guys with some great times during their event named Coeburn Cash Days.

The turnout is not half as bad to be honest either and what is even better is that many of these cars are not full blown race cars that are called street cars, no sir. Most of these cars are used on a regular basis and are much closer to a daily driver than anything that you will see on other races.

This also means that the teams that are here are not your usual professional crew chiefs, instead these are the regular folk that love to hang out around fast cars, and are here to help everybody that wants to try their luck at the main prize.

Don’t get us wrong, there are plenty of very fast cars out here on the property, and they are here to grab the cash part of the event.

So check out the video which kinda brings us back to the roots of No Prep Racing, if you will.

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