Jerry Bird is Back in the Nitrous Ford Probe!!!

Check this, Jerry Bird is Back in the Nitrous Ford Probe!!!!

As many of you know, Jerry Bird crashed his Nitrous assisted Ford Probe during the No Prep Kings event which was held in Florida.

Back then, we wrote that we cannot be sure if he can repair the damage to his vehicle by the time the next event arrives, however we are glad to be proven wrong and let us happily apologize for ever doubting the Bird Brothers and their ability to get a car back on its wheels.

These guys must have been working very hard, night and day, because although the car did not look like it suffered terrible damage, there were many things that needed fixing and these guys not only did that, they went above and beyond, and got the car even faster than what it was in the first round, so kudos to the whole team for making this happen.

It is apparent that they did not bother with painting the car and we are sure they could not find the time for it, because let’s face it, these cars were made to go fast, and that it their most important feature, while the esthetics, can always wait for the next round in the championship, or maybe even the one after that, we’ll see.

During the event he had faced a few very fast racers, including James Strang in his Camaro, Shake N Bake and even Scott Taylor in the Track Doe, showing all of them that the damage has been taken care of, and the Bird Brother’s Nitrous Probe is as healthy as ever.

The last race between Jerry Bird and Scott Taylor, might appear like Jerry put the left side in the wall (the last time it was the right) the truth is that it was only dust from getting too close to it, so check out the video and see how the weekend went for Jerry.

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