World’s Largest and Most Amazing Junk Yard – Old Car City U.S.A.

Check this World’s Largest and Most Amazing Junk Yard – Old Car City U.S.A.!

Yes, we do know that this tittle might sound like its “too good to be true” kinda deal but do not skip the video because we believe you are about to be amazed.

This time we are taking you on a journey to Old Car City U.S.A. where the most amazing collection and according to some the biggest ever junk yard of old cars is located.

According to the owner, the yard is so vast that there are full six miles of car laden trails that one can walk on and on about staring at cars and doing their best to try and recognize all of them, a well spent day if you ask us.

Aside from being the world’s biggest, they claim to also be the world’s oldest junkyard with about 86 years under their belt.

Now that we got your attention, sit back play the video and enjoy all that old metal.

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