Worst Drag Racing Crashes!!

Take a look at this, Worst Drag Racing Crashes!

Once again we bring you a compilation of those terrible moments when the car that these guys have worked on so hard gets crashed and torn up.

For the most time, people have put their blood sweat, and tears into these machines, or at least the ones that build their own race cars did, so as always we feel terrible to see one of them get destroyed this way.

As always though, the most important thing in these crashes is the driver and these guys walking away from their terrible crashes.

Actually one of them kinda flew out of it.

While this whole thing might sound unbelievable, during one of the crashes that have been filmed a while back, as the car starts barrel rolling, a guy just ends up on the ground, probably being thrown out of his window.

Now we have seen things like these happen on the road with people not wearing their seatbelts, but not wearing your seatbelt at the track is something that we are not familiar with, and something that nobody should ever try again.

Lucky for him, he was not thrown out in front of the car, and he just ended up on the ground staring at his car as it rolls away from him.

The safety equipment is there for a reason and we believe that everybody should use it to their advantage so things like these won’t happen again.

The race cars that are manufactured these days are on a different level of safety compared to those cars back in the day, but just like any other feature, it only works if you use it, and we have seen it work many times when used properly.

So check out this compilation and see for yourself why we always talk about safety and how to improve it.

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