Dude Tried To Show Off In His Muscle Car But He Wasn’t Expecting This To Happen!

Check this, Dude Tried To Show Off In His Muscle Car But He Wasn’t Expecting This To Happen!

The internet is full of the best and the worst things that people do and today for our amusement we have one of the worst drivers out there.

Most of us that have found ourselves in a rear-wheel drive vehicle have successfully caused, or at least tried, to get it sideways no matter the amount of power that the vehicle is operating with.

The problem is that with less power, the maneuver is always riskier, and the way his car sounds is not promising a thousand horsepower to the wheels or anywhere for that matter, but don’t worry he has a plan on how to get this car into a sideways drift.

As soon as he is on the road while exiting a parking lot, he does what many have done before him and many will keep doing long after watching the video, he floors it.

For a split, second everything is going great and he is on top of the world, knowing that he is being filmed as he performs this simple, yet we are about to witness a very dangerous stunt, for many reasons.

When we say for many reasons we actually meant that he could over-correct the slide or under-correct it at any time and end up on the wrong side of the street with traffic still flowing in the opposite direction, or his car might end up pointed away from the road, into the houses and businesses on the right side.

With this covered we were sure that we know what is going to happen next because let’s face it, we have seen tons and tons of videos of this type and where many have failed we Bore-witness.

We did not however expect this, and that is why you just have to see it yourself, so check out this crazy video and expect the unexpected.

Check the video HERE!

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