Daddy Dave’s New No Prep Kings Car Unveiled, Sick Procharged XRE Audi!

Take a look at this, Daddy Dave’s New No Prep Kings Car Unveiled, Sick Procharged XRE Audi!

Amongst the many surprises at this year’s SEMA Daddy Dave’s Audi might be the biggest one that we are interested in.

For the longest period, many knew that Daddy Dave was building a brand-new car, and it appeared that none of the predictions that many made about the vehicle he was building were true.

Instead, for the first time in the No Prep Kings Championship in 2023, we will have an Audi, who would have thought?

The first thing that comes to mind as the biggest difference between the old Chevy Goliath and this brand new Audi Goliath is the aerodynamics the differences as you are about to see are huge because the sleek form of this Audi is promising some major mile-per-hour advantage compared to the boxy Chevy with an upright windshield.

While this might be the first difference that is visible, there are many others.

After taking the front end of the car off, it was obvious that Daddy Dave and Proline Engines decided to go their own separate ways, so this Audi draws its procharged power from an Xtreme Racing Engines Hemi, which apparently Daddy Dave thinks is the best way to go in order to grab the crown from Ryan Martin’s hands.

We all understand that while these guys both had the same combo last year, it was obvious that Ryan Martin was the man to beat, and with him recently securing the third title in a row many of the guys are sure to follow in Dave’s footsteps.

While the 2023 No Prep Kings Season 6 rules might not be out yet, Dave is positive that this is the way to go in order to hunt down his friend, which was present on the reveal along with his wife and Javy as you are about to see in the pictures, so play the video and check out Dave brand new Audi.

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