Murder Nova Discusses Crash While Testing!

Take a look at this, Murder Nova Discusses Crash While Testing!

When it comes to crashing a race car, Shawn “Murder Nova” Ellington’s philosophy is that it is not a matter of if but a matter of when you are going to crash your car.

He thinks that if you race long enough, you will end up crashing your car because like we have said many times, these guys are trying to drive their cars at the top of their ability and even beyond, so these things tend to bite them from time to time to remind them of where the limits of physics are.

While for a moment it looked a lot scarier it turns out that the scrape that Shawn had with the wall behind the wheel of the Murder Nova while they were out testing was not as bad as they expected and as you are about to see the car is nearly fixed and ready to go racing on the next event.

Over the years we have heard many times that the bullhorns on the turbo cars have a big effect on upsetting or settling down the chassis during the run, depending on where they are pointed, and to be honest we could not think that this was so big of a deal.

Well, neither did Shawn but apparently, the recent events had made a believer out of him when it comes to where the bullhorns are pointing.

You see, at one point his right bullhorn was pointed at the ground while the left one was trying to do its job and keep the front end down.

It turns out, this minute thing is what has been plaguing the Murder Nova because it kept going left and things were getting worse whenever they were trying to get them better, so check out the video and let him tell you all about it and how did they fix it.

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