Cheating Conspiracy in No Prep Kings!?

Check this, Cheating Conspiracy in No Prep Kings!?

Sim is back once again and today he has quite the topic for all of us.

However, as always, before he gets to his topic first he wants to say a few things about how the season ended.

As you all know by now it was Ryan Martin who won the No Prep Kings Championship making this the third year in a row to do so.

The first year he lost to James Birdman Finney and it all went down to the last race.

The second year he had the same thing happen to him after he lost in the first round as Mike Murillo grabbed the trophy at the last race. Although, for some that win was also controversial as many say that James Birdman Finney, allowed him to win in order to grab the championship, however that is just a rumor and it is only between Birman and Murillo to know exactly what happened.

Well, maybe Birdman’s crew or whoever is able to look at the data from the run and the actual position of the TPS through the race.

That is all in the past now and after missing it for two years in a row, it was up to Ryan Martin to secure his title by going at least one round in the last race, or hope that somebody will outrun Kye Kelley, the only racer that had the chance to win the championship with Ryan on the trailer after the first round.

According to Sim, a brand new rumor is brewing including the racer that nearly delivered the Championship title to Kye on a platter by besting Ryan Marin in the first round, and apparently, Sim cannot wait to tell you all about it.

So play the video and hear all Sim has to say about this supposed cheating, enjoy.

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