Terrible Crash at World Cup Finals 2022 @ Budds Creek!

Take a look at this Terrible Crash at World Cup Finals 2022 @ Budds Creek!

While the crash you are about to see is quite violent and looks really bad, the most important thing as always is the fact that both drivers walked away from the crash with only bumps and bruises from their safety harnesses.

We are taking you to Budds Creek where the Haltech drag racing World Cup Finals is held. During the qualifying session on Friday, David Farlow and Bill Colson met up, both behind the wheel of a Fox-body Mustang.

About halfway down the track, we can see the golden Fox-body Mustang with Farlow behind the wheel, loses traction and head straight for the car that Bill Colson is driving to what seemed like a victory at the time.

Unfortunately, neither of these guys goes over the finish line the way they planned as both of them are in a heap of trouble after Farlow crashed into his opponent, who ended up upside down sliding down the track at nearly top speed.

For a moment we see the parachutes pop open on Farlow’s car and as soon as we thought that at least he will keep his wheels pointed at the ground, he crashes into the barrier and starts barrel-rolling while the fuel cell erupts in flames.

Many have commented that the track was insufficiently prepped and this is what caused the accident along with a few other ones over the weekend, which is a serious allegation towards the organizer of the race.

According to the guys that were on the scene, the track crew never prepped the track past the 330 markmark, and this caused many of the racers to crash or at least tear up the drivetrain.

So check out this video, take a look at the track, and tell us do you think this was the reason for the crash, or did Farlow just overdrive his car?

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