Reaper’s Mega Cash Days New Car Revealed!

Take a look at this, Reaper’s Mega Cash Days New Car Revealed!

After not seeing Reaper for quite a while, we decided to catch up with him and tell you more about what he has going on these days.

As you are about to see, he has quite a few things to brag about and the biggest one is definitely that black small tire Corvette that is in his driveway.

While we do get to hear it start up and roar, unfortunately for us, Reaper does not give us a rundown on the power plant that is under the hood of this small tire car, but if we were to speculate, those zoomies are pointing at a Pocharger setup with tons of power.

With Chris “Boosted” Hamilton as the race master, the next Mega Cash Days is headed in a different direction from the last one that we saw.

Last time, it was a big tire event that was won by Brandon James from California, a guy whose name was not familiar to many racers and nearly none of the Street Outlaws viewers and yet he managed to grab the $100 000 prize from the Memphis, 405, and many other racers that claim the streets as their own.

He did it behind the wheel of his ’68 Ford Mustang and we are sure that he will be coming back this year to try and repeat last year’s success.

Another rule that Boosted has set in stone for this event is that he is not going to allow fiberglass shell or carbon shell tube chassis cars, instead, all the cars need to be steel roof and steel quarters. All-wheel drive cars are once again a no go just like last year, and it seems that wheelie bars will be out due to the small tire rule.

So check out what Reaper has built for this occasion and hear his brand new small tire Vette roar.

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