Justin Swanstrom’s New Mega Cashdays Ride, Nitrous Small Tire Mustang “Alimony”

Take a look at Justin Swanstrom’s New Mega Cashdays Ride, Nitrous Small Tire Mustang “Alimony”.

Yesterday we talked about Reaper’s brand new small tire Vette that he has built for the purposes of racing in Boosted’s Mega Cash Days 2022, and after seeing how good that thing looks and hearing it roar, we are continuing with the coverage for the other drivers and what they are planning on bringing to this small tire race.

Today we are focusing on Justin Swanstrom and the car that he has built for this event.

Justin “Lil Country” Swanstrom has revealed his Nitrous powered, small-tire Mustang that he is planning on racing during this event.

We all know that the big tire No Prep Screw blown Lexus is named Prenup, so accordingly this smaller tire nitrous fed Mustang is named Alimony, which we think is a great name for a race car that is usually reaching for your wallet without asking first.

As you are about to see for yourself, this Mustang has a huge engine, relative, of course, to the small tire requirement that they have to follow, and to be honest, as soon as we saw that engine the first thing that came to mind is that thing looks like it is producing some huge power numbers.

Well as always, big power and small tires are not the best combos when you are on the street, and considering how bad the surface was last year and how the guys with the big tires were unable to put the power down, we think that Justin’s dad, Big Country will have his hands full to tune this engine properly in order to avoid loss of traction.

A big team like the Swan Gang will surely find a way to get this down the road at the event so why don’t we check out the video and see what the brand-new Alimony Mustang is all about?

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