Kye Kelley’s New Street Shocker Debut at Mega Cashdays!!!

Take a look at this, Kye Kelley’s New Street Shocker Debut at Mega Cashdays!!!

Last few days we inform you about all those new cars showing on next Mega Cashdays, but not everyone announce their presents on yet. We heard rumor’s that Jeff Lutz will come with a Honda Civic, but nothing official yet.

Ya’ll see Justin Swanstorm new car, also and Reapers new Vette. Now is turn on Kye Kelley and his new car.

Now we have Kye Kelley and his new car called Street Shocker.

At the beginning of this year, testing for American List season 2 David Gates running the original Shocker wrecked, and that car was pretty much destroyed.

Since than, wizard racecars rebuilt it, or pretty much  built new car with the parts left from the original Shocker. However, the roll bars and a lot of the staff from the car actually went to the built of the new Street Shocker.

The new, Street Shocker is pretty much updated than the previous/original Shocker that own Kye Kelley.

It has a small block in it, and will be running in a small tire on next Mega Cashdays. So is it sitting on a 28 10-5 small tires, we are pretty sure that this car can run and on big tires. Also can run a 5 inch motor 738ci Pat or 959ci. This car is set up for any engine combination that Kye Kelley want to run.

Kye Kelley did run in Fastest in America show this year as well on small tires in his small tire Shocker with a small block in it and he did pretty good. He made a little bit over the thousand at that tire and that’s pretty much all you’re gonna need on 28 10-5 tire unless they prep the street.

So to not stall you too much, check the video and see what we are talking about…

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