World Cup Finals 2022 Best Moments and Crashes!

Take a look at theese World Cup Finals 2022 Best Moments and Crashes!

We are once again visiting the World cup finals 2022, an event that was held at Buds Creek and where we saw some of the craziest races as well as crashes.

When it comes to crashes, the most dangerous one happened during the qualifying session that was held on Friday at Buds Creek in it David Farlow and Bill Colson, both behind the wheel of a Fox body Mustang crashed into each other so fiercely, that Bill Colson spent nearly twenty seconds sliding down the track on his roof.

As we told you last time, both of these competitors managed to walk away from the crash and both of their cars got destroyed in the process.

One thing that everybody keeps noticing is that after David Farlow crashed into Bill Colson, Farlow’s Fox body Mustang managed to get in line exactly with the barrier that is open for the emergency crew, and hit it at the worst angle possible.

While this might seem like just a ton of bad luck, people have been seeing these accidents over and over again.

We understand that the track crew needs a location where they will be able to go across the barriers and get on the race track to help cars that are in trouble, but they should start thinking about getting a different solution to this problem.

While we are on the subject of cars needing help at the track, let us tell you about two of these guys and how they crossed the finish line.

It all started with Darrin Verone in the Fox body Mustang who had some trouble near the end of the run and by the time he was crossing the finish line, his Ford was already on fire, but that did not stop him from winning the Supper Street class in style.

So check out this great video and see the best action from WCF 2022 in Buds Creek.

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