Street Outlaws JJ Da Boss is Mad at Boosted GT!

Check this, Street Outlaws JJ Da Boss is Mad at Boosted GT!

As we get closer to the next Mega Cash Days that is being hosted by Chris “Boosted” Hamilton, it appearsappears that we have more and more spectators and viewers cannot wait to start getting some videos from the races.

At the same time, all the drivers are getting ready for the event and after we have shown you Reaper’s Vette and Justin Swanstroms small tire car, it is time to visit team Memphis and see what JJ Da boss and his crew are preparing for the event.

As you would expect from these guys, they are trying to convert all of their cars to small tires in order to be able to fit the rules of the event.

The rules are pretty simple, as we have mentioned a while ago, steel roof and quarters, small tires, and no all-wheel drive cars, is what Chris Boosted is expecting the racers to bring, and that means no fiberglass bodies on top of tube chassis cars.

Boosted also mentioned that he is aware that some manufacturers have started producing so-called “cheater tires”, that have smaller sizes printed on their sidewall in order to be able to enter an event, however, he says he will be ready for this so do not even try it.

Well, as always JJ Da Boss has something to say about this, and like always he will repeat it a few times before he is sure that everybody has heard what he has to say.

JJ wants everybody to know that his cars are street cars, unlike the cars that the No Prep guys are going to be bringing to the street, and although he is not mentioning any names, it is obvious that he is not happy with the rest of the line up of the event.

So check out his video and hear what he has to say about this.


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One thought on “Street Outlaws JJ Da Boss is Mad at Boosted GT!

  1. Well i hope JJ Da Boss and the rest of his MSO team including Ax Man.. Stomps all of the óther So called Racers ASSÉS.. and i Dróp the mic on that..

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