Worst Street Racing Fails Caught On Camera!

Check this, the Worst Street Racing Fails Caught On Camera!

There is a good reason why all the real racing is organized on a closed circuit and it is done in the presence of medical teams and teams of firefighters with all their necessary equipment.

So you should never get behind the wheel of a fast car and just floor it in the middle of traffic, since nobody is expecting you to be flying at 100 miles an hour in a 55 zone, and they cannot change their driving habits in a split second.

As you will also see, the road conditions also play a vital part since like the guy in the Mustang found out, rear wheel drive with about 400 hp is not the easiest thing to control in the rain.

In case you still don’t realize why racing in traffic is one of the worst things to safety you can do, then you have to watch this video and find out..

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